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Spell Information
Rune Number 10
Spell Type Everyday Spell
Element N/A
Effect Shape N/A
MP Cost 4 MP
Levitate is an everyday spell. It makes the caster float a few inches off the ground for a short time. It is useful to escape traps, and is necessary in the Temple of Trials (試練の洞窟 cave of trials) to float over some trap rugs.

Wizard's Companion's Description

Float gracefully and glide thorugh the air.

This spell releases a wizard from gravity's clutches, allowing him to float weightlessly though the air. Of course, no human can escape the ground permanently, and the time and distance for one which can float are determined by one's magical abilities. Many wizards have forgotten this, often with disastrous consequences.

(Spellchecked by EpicGlitchman29)

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