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157 lumberwood
Number Recruitment Percentage
157 6%
Morph Lvl Max Lvl Growth Rate
8 10 Early
Stamina Stamina Recovery
40 1.45
Movement Speed Attack Speed
2 1
Max Atk Max Def Max Mag. Atk
68 153 80
Max Mag. Def Max Eva Max Accuracy
85 63 68
Damage taken versus:
Physical Water Light
100% 100% 100%
Fire Storm Dark
150% 50% 100%

157 lumberwood
HP EXP Guilders
316 78 125
Normal: Fishburger (12%)
Rare: Star Crystal (15%)
Normal: Fishburger (25%)
Rare: Pure Steel Armor (5%)
Attack Magic Attack Evasion
118 61 58
Defense Magic Defense Accuracy
115 113 104


Creature Compendium:

"Embodying love for the natural world, this big, burly fellow has a tender heart."

Wizard's Companion:

"Despite towering over most wizards, these creatures are surprisingly gentle, and adored by nature lovers the world over."


Genus: Flora
Equipment Type: Shields, Scales, Patches
Gem Type: Fire, Light, Neutral
Miracle Move: Groundswell
Command: Defend

Status effect modifiers:
Vulnerable to: Curse
Highly vulnerable to: None
Resistances: Stun
Immunities: None

Compatibility: Esther
Tamable: Yes
Metamorphoses: Limberwood (level 8)
Common Celestial Signs: Star
Location found: No Longer Mine

Slot Unlock

1. Unlocked from the start.
2. When it metamorphoses into an umberwood or a wildwood.
3. When its familiarity becomes 5.


Level Trick Effect
1 Sling Stone Physical
6 Healing Tear Heal

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