Minima Symbol

Beware those whose size makes them appear harmless...

Minima are very small creatures whose adorable appearance has lured many an unwary traveler to his doom.  They are very fond of freshly baked pies, and have never been known to turn one down as a treat.

Tameable Familiars in the Daemonia Genus

Tier 1 Tier 2 Tier 3 - A Tier 3 - B
Floret Flummox Floret Horrid Floret Florid Floret
Rabbot Jackrabbot Whackrabbot Hackrabbot
Tyke Spike Tyke Psych Tyke Pike Tyke
Turbandit Turburn Turban Myth Turban Legend
Idler Wild Idler All-Seeing Idler Evil Idler
Small Fry Deep Fry Firefry Flash Fry
Dinkey Turnkey Master Key Don Key
Spitoo Spitooligan Lickety-Spitoo Sniper Spitoo

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