The monitor bird (ホウオウ Houou) is in the Temple of Trials (試練の洞窟 cave of trials). It's a mechanical bird that tells you about the three trials inside the cav
Monitor bird houou nds 2

The bird/Houou in the Trial of Wisdom, NDS version.

e/temple. In the NDS game, there are statues of the bird inside the cave, clicking on them will teleport you to the real trial. He gives you the blue orbs needed to fully complete the mission in the cave/temple, one after each finished trial:
  • A blue (ゆうじょうのたま orb of friendship) after the trial of friendship (友情の試練).
  • A blue (ゆうきのたま orb of courage) after the trial of courage.
    Monitor bird houou statue

    The bird/Houou statue that teleports you.

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