Spell Information
Rune Number 52
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Not to be confused with the wand Mornstar

Mornstar is a spell obtained right before the party (Oliver, Esther and Swaine) fights Vileheart the second time. Unlike the other light spell, Mornstar will only hit the targeted enemy (as opposed to hitting all enemies). While Mornstar appears in the English guidebook for the PS3, it is missing from the Japanese guidebook for the NDS.

Wizard's Companion's Description

Let the glorious light from your heart burst forth.

"Mornstar is a legendary magic wand that has been spoken of since ancient times. Mornstar's power, however, does not come from the wand itself—it comes from its owner's heart. Only wizards who have braved great hardship without surrendering to spite or bitterness are capable of casting this spell, for its glow is that of the pure-hearted."

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