*Warning: Post game content*

When Oliver and his party finish sealing the rifts that have appeared in the other world, as per the bounty hunts posted by The Conductor, he brings them to another version of Motorville. This town looks almost like home to Oliver, but things are subtly and not so subtly different. The most telling difference is that there doesn't seem to be a soulmate of Oliver's.

Differences with the "regular" Motorville

  • Leila hates cheese.
  • Red means go, green means stop as far as traffic lights go.
  • Cars can fly apparently.
  • The Conductor calls this place home.
  • You can talk to animals here without using Nature's tongue.
  • Some nameless NPC's have a radically different hairdo.


  • You get the keys to The Philmobile here.
  • You finally learn the truth about the Conductor.
  • You get to see the impact of Alicia's sacrifice here.

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