A cheatsheet for all the spells. It's not quite complete but as I figure out what the rest of the spells do I'll fix it, and eventually I'll make it look prettier. It's still readable if you scale it and print it out on a normal piece of paper.

This walkthrough is intended for English-speakers who are playing the Japanese NDS game, but I will work hard to make it so that you can play the NDS game while only knowing hiragana and katakana and almost zero Japanese. (That's how I'm playing, and I'm the one who made this guide!). It's a little daunting at first but you very soon get used to it. Note that the NDS game does have differences compared to the Playstation game, but the bigger ones only appear later on! - Risgryngroet

Search # to find the beginning of the next section. § finds the beginning of the next vocabulary section.

To see an incomplete list of which monsters (and which rewards they give upon battling them), go here. However it's really not necessary to ever know that. To see a list of items, go here.

If you're wondering how I come up with the "English words" for the katakana (Rochelle, Gyro, Del Mocal), I put them into Google to see what was the most common word that came up, along with my own knowledge of how certain words are normally written in katakana.

Before we start the game:

  • はじめから - "from the start", as in "start new game".
  • つづきから - "from the continue", as in, continue from a save file.
  • つうしん - "transmission". From here you can access things such as wifi settings and downloadable content for your game file. First select the game file and "load" it, then select your options (they're fairly obvious). I'm not sure if the NDS download centre for this game still actually works though.

#1. ホットロイト Hotroit (American town)

"Where does it say it's called Hotroit?" It only says it in the very first cutscene where you see the "welcome to..." sign in English, and in a couple people's dialogue later on. On the actual map they're always more specific, ex. "x street".

Plot: Note that since this is the beginning plot which is the set-up for the rest of the game, I'll be more detailed than normal in describing it.

オリバー (Oliver) runs into "Leila's Milk Bar", saying hi. "Here's the part for today", レイラ (Leila) says, telling him to take some food. "マーク (Mark) was looking for you. Say hi to your mum for me!".

Outside, her milk bar is actually called "Leila's Farm Shop". Mark is at the end of the street telling you to come this way. Walk with either tapping+holding the screen, or the directional pad, and speak to people by pressing A when you're close enough for them to show a speech bubble.

"Leila said you wanted to talk to me?" "Let's meet up tonight, our thing is ready" "I can't, my mum..." "Well then, tomorrow? The day after tomorrow?" "No, let's do it tonight after all". Oliver goes home to his mum (who's nicknamed アリー Allie), who tells him to eat his lunch and then go to school, he asks her what's going on later and mentions that he's excited for tonight, and she thinks he's acting a bit strange. When Oliver comes back from school he takes a nap and oversleeps so is late for the meeting, but thinking his mum is asleep, he sneaks out to meet up with Mark at Mark's house.

  • ここ までの お話を 保存 します か? - "Until here's story, make a save?" save the game?
  • はい - yes
  • いいえ - no
  • セーブ しています - making a save
  • セーブ しました! - made a save!

(Note that, at one point in the game, when I saved at its prompting my game broke and I lost all my data. It only happened in "Del Mokal" and is marked in this guide and elsewhere on the Wiki.)

There's a blonde girl watching out the window, Mark says "Don't look!" and then hurries Oliver inside, showing him the car. (The blonde girl is a point that comes up again later in the game.) They go to test drive it, Mark telling him to go slowly but Oliver doesn't, and as he drives too fast the wheel of the car falls off and he falls into the river, seemingly unable to swim due to the heavy helmet. Oliver's mum wakes up from a future-seeing dream where her son was calling for help, goes to look for him, finds him in time and saves him. Mark appears to have hurt his ankle when tripping on the riverbank. Shortly after the rescue, Allie's heart fails and the villagers call for a doctor ("She always did have a weak heart").

Now, Oliver's mum is apparently dead. Leila brings him some pie but he's depressed, Mark is waiting downstairs with a cast on his leg. Leila's cat Frank makes an appearance (another point that reappears later). Oliver remembers his mother. "Oliver, I start my job from today on, but take care of this doll for me will you?" "Hurry and come back, okay?" Oliver says. "Understood. Oliver and mother will always be together. Always.... always...."

Oliver's crying and the tears are landing on the doll. "Mum... come back already..." The doll turns to life. "Alright, I'm saved!!" he cries. Apparently he was cursed/trapped, and starts talking like "You've been crying non-stop for three days, so annoying!". He's calling Oliver "メソくん" because メソメソ is the sound effect for sobbing.

There are some multiple-choice options here but it doesn't matter which one you pick.

The doll's name is シズク (Shizuku), introducing himself as 大要請のシズク様 (Big Request's Shizuku-sama??) and explains that he comes from a parallel world, called 二ノ国 (two's land = second world), and asks about Oliver's mother. When Oliver shows him a picture of her, he claims to recognize her, going "That's アリシア様 (Alicia-sama)!". She was fighting the evil wizard (闇の魔導士) Jaboo (ジャボー), and she is probably still alive there. If Oliver goes to the parallel world, maybe they can find her.

Characters' dialects and socialects:

If you think the characters speak funny or you don't recognize the word-forms, it's because they use different dialects or kid-speech sometimes. The differences are formulaic so don't worry about it.

Shizuku says:

  • や instead of だ or です (meaning generally "is, exists, being"). So he says for example, 魔法の本や / まほうの ほん や "magic book is/exists/being! = it's a magic book!" instead of ほん だ or ほん です.
  • ちゃう instead of ちがう ("not the same; incorrect, wrong")
  • じゃ instead of では, meaning "being, by the way that thing that's existing", so それ じゃ instead of それでは (meaning "that thing is...")
  • んや instead of .....


Downstairs in the fireplace is a magic book (魔法の本), called Magic Master (マジックマスター). I think this is also the name of the physical paper booklet you get if you buy the DS game in a pack as it came originally. Click on the fireplace when a ! appears to get the book, then Shizuku will talk about turning to a page in the Magic Master and signing your nickname. You make a written contract (契約書) by talking to him again and clicking はい (yes) when a question pops up, signing your nickname onto it (this name only ever appears on your save file, it doesn't rename Oliver or anything).

If you want to do little katakana, like for writing the ィ in ティーオ (Teo, Theo), write a big イ and then the button with 小字 ("small letter/character") will light up, click that and the イ will turn small. At the bottom, ぜんぶ けす is "everything erase", and ひと もじ けす "one character erase", whereas けってい technically means "decision" but it's usually what Japanese games have when they mean "accept these changes and continue on". Click that and click はい (yes) if you're finished.

"Now we need to use magic to get to the second country... isn't there a magic wand here?" "Such a thing doesn't exist in this house" "ehh... okay, we have to go look for one" "I don't think that kind of thing even exists, though..." "it does, let's go, sob-face!" "I'm not sob-face, I'm Oliver! Geeze..."

Go outside the house and Shizuku starts talking again, "we need to find a long thing to use as a magic wand, anything will do." "Ehh, 'anything' you said? Can 'anything' really work to use magic with...?" You'll see a sparkling stick to the left. That's too short, so it gets tossed into the neighbour's yard if you pick it up. Go further down the screen to the houses on the other side, and the correct stick is there (it's clearly a long-ish stick on the ground).

Shizuku talks a bit again, and then says "go to the town square so we can do some magic". A note pops up on the screen saying "look at the top screen on the DS and follow the red arrow, in order to get to the town square". Once you get there, you'll be asked to draw the "rune" called ゲート Gate (spell number two on the cheatsheet or in the booklet) and get taken to Shizuku's world. They call them runes instead of spells. In the future you'll be able to use this gate spell to go in-between Oliver's world and the second world whenever you want, and you won't have to go to the town square to do it.

While walking to a gate there's a lady standing in front of Leila's shop who says "Oh, Leila's shop is still closed... What am I going to do, I wonder?". The other people similarly say stuff that you don't have to pay attention to. When you get to the end of the street, you'll view a map page - on this new screen the red arrow is where you are right NOW, and you need to move to Crumpet Square which is the green thing to the right.

Here, people are just saying stuff like "Heh heh, I'm waiting for a date!" "Ahh, don't come up from behind like that, you scared me!" "Oh, Oliver, are you also out for a walk?" "Hey, kids shouldn't be out at this time of night" "Well now, I'm going to Hotel Lilly again tonight, it's so fun to see everyone there." Go to the top of the screen and there's a mini cutscene, "is it really okay to do magic in a place with so many people?" "don't worry, they can't see it. now open the Magic Master and use Gate!" If you have the real booklet, it's on page 21. Otherwise it's spell 2 in our cheatsheet. Actually we don't even need to look there because it's the same exact rune as is on the image on the top part of the DS screen.

Pay attention to stroke order and the direction the stroke must begin in, or it won't work - start drawing from the black stroke, and at its thickest point. The red stroke is the second stroke. This goes for all spells.

We see a cutscene where a door is formed and opens (and, I think, it actually shows a few real Old Norse runes on it...), and Shizuku explains "This is a second world, it's not the same as your world. C'mon, follow me!"

A note about spells: many only work during specific storyline events, sometimes they're only used once in the entire game. Using "talk to ghosts" isn't going to make ghosts appear, for example - you have to wait until a ghost appears as part of a game event and then use the spell. There are some spells that can be used as battle attacks, and some that are only used on the overworld (when we're out travelling and not inside a town). You don't have to redraw the spell every time, instead just draw it in once and after that you can just access your book in-game and click a button to cast it - that is, except that later on in the game there are some enemies that make you "forget" a spell and erase the spell drawing from your book so you have to re-draw it in again after the battle.


Game words:

  • スキップ します か? - "make a skip?" = do you want to skip the cutscene?
  • かばん アイコン - Bag icon (picture of backpack you use to get to the menu).
  • セーブ - save (your game)
  • タッチ ペン - touch-pen, stylus
  • けってい - "decision", accept and continue.
  • ぜんぶ けす - to completely erase (everything). this is for clearing out everything you've typed.
  • ひと もじ けす - to erase one letter/character. this is the backspace.
  • xを 手に 入れた! - "x was put/brought into the hand", obtained/got ahold of x!
  • xを 使え - Use/manipulate x. Ex. "ゲートを使え!" - Use "gate"!
  • ルーン - Rune(s). Refers to the symbols you draw (spells).

Characters: (in case you forget who someone is and need to know in later stages of the game)

  • オリバー - Oliver (main character)
  • マーク - Mark (main character's friend who owned the drag-racing car)
  • アリー - Allie, Ali. Short for "Alishia" or "Alicia". Oliver's mother's name.
  • アリシア様 - Alishia-sama (possibly Alicia-sama). Full name of Oliver's mother.
  • シズク - Shizuku, the name of the doll-puppet creature.
  • 闇の 魔導 士 - yami no madou shi - dark sorcery-warrior (= evil sorcerer Jaboo)
  • ジャボー - Jaboo. Evil sorcerer, it becomes clear over the course of the game that he's the evil guy you have to defeat.
  • メソくん - Meso-kun. Shizuku's nickname for Oliver.
  • レイラ - Leila. Is fat, owns the "Leila's Farm Shop" in town, owns the cat called Frank.


  • 移動 します か? - Make movement? (Move to this place on the map?)
  • モートン 通り - Morton avenue/street (street with shops in town)
  • げんざ いち - present/current location ("you are here" on maps)
  • 町 工場 地区 - "town factory district", business district.
  • クランペット 広場 - Crumpet plaza/town square
  • オリバーの 部屋 - Oliver's room.
  • 廊下 - passageway, hallway
  • 玄関 - entryway (place where you keep your shoes in the house)
  • 二ノ国 - "two's country", the name of the parallel world. Also the name of this game.
  • オリバーの 家 前 - "Oliver's house fore", the street in front of Oliver's house.
  • モーテル リリー - Motel Lily. (you'll go there later in the game.)


  • テレパシー - Telepathy
  • 魔法の 杖 - magic wand/cane
  • 短い 木の 杖 - short wood wand/cane. Not the correct wand.
  • 木の 棒 - rod/pole of wood. When you have to go outside, it's laying on the street at the bottom. Pick it up.
  • マジック マスターの 21 ページに ある - Existing in/at Magic Master's page 21. This means that if you own the physical book for the game, go there - but we can use my spell cheatsheet and the other guide stuff I've put up online here, so it's not necessary.
  • ルーンを 描く んや - draw the rune/spell.

#2: 北の森 North Forest

We arrive in the forest in the second world, Shizuku saying "Now let's go to the north of the forest!". The モニユー (moniyuu) statue apparently has something to do with Jaboo but anyway it will save your game and fully heal HP & MP. Shizuku says that when you're inside a "dungeon" (which in this game means "anyplace that random monsters can attack you in"), save by clicking the bag icon. Right now if you save, it'll ask you the normal "make a save?" and then ask something else meaning "a previous save file exists - is it okay to overwrite?" and just say yes as normal.

Shizuku says "you can use the Gate spell, but can't use any other spells until we get help, so we have to go to where we can learn more magic. This forest is by Goroneeru Kingdom, lots of places have been ruined thanks to Jaboo". He talks about "ヌケガラビト - husk bit; cast-off bit". They use it when talking about a person who is emotionally stunted (called "heartbroken" in the English Playstation game, although it has nothing to do with being sad) due to an excess or lack of a certain emotion. That is to say, if someone is exceptionally greedy for example and we need to balance their emotions out in order for them to become a nice and normal person, we have to either give or take away a piece of "heart" which puts them into balance, and this situation is called this. Basically Jaboo has gone around directly or indirectly causing everyone to go out of balance, including rulers of countries etc. Shizune says that Oliver can heal people of this, and Oliver agrees to help out. So we have to get through this forest.

After a couple screens, Shizuku starts running away and going "this way, it's this way" and Oliver keeps going "wait!". Follow Shizuku (or the arrow on the map at the top of the screen) to arrive at 古の木 (ancient tree), a talking tree with eyes and frog lips. Don't bother going the other way because we'll go there immediately after this. The tree says "there's monsters in this forest, have you taught this kid how to use magic to fight?" and Shizuku hadn't remembered to do so.

Draw spell #41, Fireball ファイアボール and then spell #3 ヒール - Heal. You fight your first monster (たたかう - fight, まほう - magic), and sometimes magic does bigger damage than physical attacks. Shizuku explains that you two are going to fight Jaboo and the tree laughs at you (which is something that happens throughout the game by basically everyone you tell). Then you're told to draw #1 イマージェン - Imagine. You've just "imagined" a creature to help you fight in battles - it's a little misleading, because you can't just draw "imagine" anytime you want and create new creatures, it's only for storyline events. Also, "Fireball" isn't just an attack, it also lights up torches later in the game (supposedly). Now a second battle begins.

はいち (positioning) - During the second battle it wants you to click this, then click and drag Oliver to the front row. Then drag to the back row. The back row protects them more from HP loss, so move them there if they are injured.

Anyway, you've been given a vial (トレビン - torebin) which holds people's emotions, or "heart shavings" or whatever it's supposed to be called. You'll use this in a bit once you reach the kingdom, but you can go to the wiki page for it if you want more info.

Sometime after the tree stuff is done, click on your wand on the bottom-right corner of the screen. Click on the left book button, おぼえたまほう "learned magic", it's a picture of a book. You can draw in some random magic spells already, so do that. The green button that says つkう (use), lets you use spells outside of battle without having to physically draw them, so ex. if you need to heal after a battle you can hit the button when the heal spell is selected. You don't have to re-draw runes every time, just click on the green button while having one selected. In the area before where we choose the book symbol, there's also a staff symbol, and that's for drawing individual new spells when they don't already exist in your book.

Go rightwards where, earlier, Shizuku told you to go left. You get to the "corridor of waterfalls". Just keep going through there, fighting monsters along the way, and eventually you'll make it out of the forest. You can open red treasure chests normally, but the other ones require you to cast #8 アンロック (Unlock) in front of them (you can do this now, it's one of the spells you can fill in already). In other places in the game, different coloured chests will appear and they'll only be openable by certain characters and so on.

The battle system:

There is a mini-boss battle at the end of the forest, with 森のヌシ (Forest's Master). Generally speaking, normal monsters should never give you any trouble but mini-bosses can be a bit difficult. If you spend a lot of time wandering around blindly because you can't understand what's going on or you forgot where to go, you'll always be a lot higher level than the game expects so you won't have to worry about any battles.

Shizuku says something like that "it's a forest (green) monster, so use fire against it - fire attacks have a red colour in the battle menu". Effective attacks will give red numbers when they hit the monster, and also a ナイス! will appear above your character when the attack hits. When you get enough ナイス! points in a battle, a special attack will become available that matches that type of magic, so for example after a bunch of fireball attacks, "fire storm" will become available.

After the battle, we'll receive もりの オーブ (forest's orb) which we can feed to our pets/imagines to raise their stats, if I remember right. Shizuku says "it's just a little further to the kingdom" and Oliver says "it has a weird name" and he replies "you think so?". A bit down and to the left you'll see a sparkling blue thing, and it's a ベリー (berry). These sparkles will appear periodically in dungeons and the overworld, and the items there regrow after about half an hour, but don't worry about picking them up because they all become purchasable later in the game.

§ Game words:

  • 滝の 回廊へ 向かおう - Go towards the waterfall corridor. Occurs on map when after meeting the tree and battling twice.
  • HPと MPが すべて 回復 した!- HP and MP made a total restore!
  • ゴロネール 王国 - Goroneeru Kingdom. This is where you're going after you get out of the forest.
  • シズクの 後を 追い かけよう - Shizuku's behind, chase-run after! (follow after Shizuku). Said on the map at one point.
  • いにしえの 木 / 古の 木 - Ancient tree. The tree that has eyes and frog lips.
  • 滝の 回廊 The Corridor of Waterfalls / Waterfall corridor. This is where random battles start happening for the first time.
  • アイテム ポーチ - Item pouch
  • もどる - to return/go back, cancel
  • 回復 - restoration/recovery (ex. recover 30HP).
  • すっきり コーヒー - Refreshing coffee. Won from battles, heals 10MP.
  • 森の ヌシ - Forest's Master. A green, Pokemon-like miniboss with bandages on its arms and plants growing on its back.

Battle words:

  • たたかう - to fight/battle
  • はいち - (battle) arrangement/formation.
  • おまだせ - wait?
  • まほう - magic
  • アイテム - item(s)
  • ぼうぎょ - safeguard/defence. Defend for 1 turn.
  • とこぎ - Skills that your imagines/buddies can use, instead of magic spells like what you can use. "Tia barrier ティアバリア" is an option here on Shizuku, which changes a party member's weight.
  • おもり - weight. I have no idea why weight matters, maybe it affects damage done or changes how fast the character's attack turn comes.
  • けいけん ち - experience points
  • ふんわり パン  - Fluffy bread. Won from battles, heals 30HP.

Status words (level up screen):

  • ちから - power, strength
  • まもり - defense
  • わざ - skill, technique
  • タフさ - toughness
  • はやさ - quickness

Bag menu items: (you don't have to look at any of these, they only come into use a bit later)

  • ロック・ストーン 先生 - Rock Stone-sensei. A talking slab of stone the ancient tree gives you.
  • おしえて ストーン - Teaching stone. (Rock Stone-sensei). Click on it and it says:
  • チュートリアル - Tutorial. Click on it and it tells you what various things are (ex. "what is the map, what is the dungeon list").
  • イマージェン ずかん - Imagine illustrated/picture book.
  • ダンジョン リスト - Dungeon list.
  • ぼうけん チェック シート - Adventure checklist (brings you to other lists and stuff)
  • 育成 カゴ - Rearing basket/cage. This is where your imagines/pets are. Click on one and it says:
  • さわる - Touch, feel (picture of hand)
  • あそぶ - Play (picture of toy)
  • ブラシ - Brush (picture of brush)
  • あげる - Give (picture of food). I don't actually know what the point of brushing them and so on is, only of what the food is.

Under "give" (あげる):

  • おやつ - Snack (picture of cake). Once you get various foods later on, you can give them to these guys and they may add better stats to them and help them evolve faster (I think).
  • ドロップ . Drop (picture of gem/candy drop). These basically always give better stats.
  • ジュエル - Jewel (picture of jewel)
  • マーブル - Marble (picture of round brown thing). This and the jewel section are just better versions of drops.
  • トレビン - Torebin. A tiny blue perfume bottle on a loop of string that the ancient tree gives you. It holds:
  • こころの カケラ - Heart fragments/splinters. Of which:
  • 勇気 - Courage, bravery
  • やさしさ - Kindness, gentleness
  • 夢 - Dream (perhaps "imagination"?)
  • 信じる - Trusting, being honest
  • がまん - Patience, endurance
  • やる気 - Willingness, motivation
  • 愛 - Love
  • 自信 - Self-confidence

#3 ゴロネール王国 - Goroneeru Kingdom

Talk to the guard on the right, then to the left. The left one has an excess of emotion and the right has a lack of it, so you have to talk to the left and draw #6 ハートピース (Heart Piece), then talk to the right and draw #7 ハートキュア (Heart Cure).

After that you'll be given a stamp/merit sheet, you get stamps every time you complete quests for people. Go to its wiki page for more info. If a person has a quest for you, or if you've currently accepted a quest from them, their speech bubble will be yellow.

Go to the very top of town where the castle is (make sure to crush all the pots/barrels you see as you go), talk to the guard and accept the quest from him. You need to get at least three stamps on your merit sheet before he'll let you in to see the king. Now explore the town, crushing all the pots and stuff. You should be finding ゴロネールこうか (Goroneeru coins), which have a cat's head on them and which are needed for a quest and are noted a couple paragraphs below, in the quest section. To the right of the weapon shop is a calm area with a large gravestone and a spirit floating next to it, you can't do anything right now but later on once you can use #29 スピリトーク (Spirit Talk), you can go back there.

To the left in town is a shop that looks like a blue bird's head - this is the quest shop. Talk to the guy and he'll tell you to look at the bulletin board. When you look at the board, all you have to do is glance at it then exit out of the screen, and Oliver will write down the quests automatically in his book. If you talk to the shopkeeper, click on the first option and you can specially accept some quests (you have to actually click on them and hit accept). Anyway, after this you can find people to take quests from. Quests aren't usually automatically "completed", you have to go and talk to the quest-giver again to get your stamps and complete it.

  • Quest: A lady next to the weapons shop wants you to erase the graffiti (she's standing directly to the left of the graffiti). Just click on them to erase them. This will get you the third stamp needed to go visit the king, since the doorman already gave you two (I think).
  • Quest 004: ゴロネール こうか 集め "Goroneeru Coin Collecting". A man at the town fountain wants you to find 5 of those cat coins, by looking into/breaking barrels and stuff. Talk to him to accept the quest, talk again once finished to get your reward.
    • 1 is in the town square.
    • 1 is at the inn.
    • 1 is at the bird's head building.
    • 1 is at the grave-site, which is to the top-right of the fountain/town square.
    • 1 is at the underground waterway (outside of it).
  • Miscellaneous (gives you items but not stamps): There's an old woman on the same screen as the inn, talk to her and she'll eventually ask some questions.
    • 靴は左右どっちからはくの? (from which direction do you put on/gather up shoes? ??) - answer 右 (right).
    • 嵐の日はどうするの?(do what on a storm-day?) - answer 建物の中でじっとしている (stay and wait inside a building).
    • もしも他人の花瓶を割ってしまったらどうすればいいのかしら?(if another person's vase sometime became broken, what to do I wonder?) - answer 正直に言ってあやまる (honestly say an apology).

Once you have three stamps, talk to the guard at the top of town again - he now says "sure you have the stamps, but you need normal clothes". Go to the shop that looks like an owl's head (it's the item shop) and Oliver will ask her to make clothes for him, she says come back tomorrow and she'll have them. Go to the inn (on the right side of town, it has a blue fish-looking manhole cover next to it, as well as a lady standing behind the fish), and talk to the lady there to spend the night.

Oliver dreams of his mother. While we're on this note, every time from now on, if you sleep at an inn you have a chance of going to a dream world which can give you special items. Anyway, go and pick up your clothing, go into the castle, almost get to the king's room and then be told that you can't go in there right now.

They have to go back to Oliver's world and find his "other self" to see what's wrong, so Shizuku tells Oliver to use the gate spell.

Once in 一ノ国 ("one's land; first world" = Oliver's original world) again, go into Leila's shop and Oliver will ask for her cat Frank. After that, use the gate spell again to go back. By the way, you can use it anywhere, you don't have to return to the town square to do it. The only thing new in Oliver's town is that before, his mum's bed was mussed and a piece of clothing of hers was on top of it, but now someone's replaced the sheets/blanket and removed the item. So there's nothing to see if you want to look around. Just return to 二ノ国 (second world) immediately.

Go back into town and wander until you find the place that looks like an underground entrance. There will be a commotion around the area, ミルコ (Miruko), a boy with a pot on his head, is going to act like he's going down there. Talk to him and he'll give you his imagine/familiar which is a bird. Now go down inside instead of him.

  • Also at this point, you can return to the forest you were in before, talk to the ancient tree, and he'll give you an easy quest. See the "Japanese Quests" section here for how to complete it. The quest will stay there for a long while, so don't worry about missing it if you don't decide to do it right now. I leave to go do it since it's slightly easier battle experience that helps with getting through the sewers.

At this point there are two other quests you've signed up for (aside from the one from the ancient tree):

  • Quest 080 はねるゲータカ討伐: "Hopping Geetaka suppression".This is one that you accepted at the quest shop. To the immediate south-east of the kingdom (more like directly to the right), inside the large clearing in the forest, there's a ゲータカ (white vulture-like bird) visible that you can fight. It won't attack you even when you stand right next to it, instead an exclamation mark appears in a speech bubble, and talking to it starts a fight. Eventually you'll find that there's one of these types in every area in the overworld. Beat it, it's not particularly strong. Afterwards, a dialogue will pop up saying "これで 「はねる ゲータカ 討伐」クリアの 条件が そろいました!" "With this, 'hopping geetaka suppression' has been cleared/completed!". A similar pop-up will turn up after every time you complete a quest, after that you just have to return to the quest giver to get your prize. You'll get 3 stamps afterwards.
  • Quest 081 イノシカ 討伐 Inoshika suppression: Same exact thing as the one above, only it's a イノシカ. Go down from where the ゲータカ was (still in the forest), and slightly to the left where there's a little island and a bend in the river. There's a giant, fat, brown monster with antlers. Fight it! Afterwards you'll get 5 stamps.
  • Confused about quest or stamp redeeming? Look here.

At some points, when wandering around in dungeons or the overworld (map area when not inside a kingdom/town), you may see blue sparkles on the ground. Clicking on them will "forage" or pick up an item. They're renewable and return after a certain amount of time (half an hour or something) has passed. Don't worry about picking them up though, most or all of them are items that are easily purchasable later in shops once you get further in the game.

§ Vocabulary:

  • ミド 大陸 北 - Middle "Big Land" (Continent) North. Shows on map.
  • もくてき ち - destination place. Shown on the map after exiting the forest.
  • もんばん - gatekeeper, doorman
  • ゴロネール 地下 水道 - Goroneeru underground water supply/service. Pretty sure this is just a sewer.
  • へいし - soldier
  • 国王 様 or 王 様 - king-sama. The first means "land-king-sama" and the second is just "king-sama".
  • モエールの 森 - moeeru forest (I'm guessing Moeeru means "budding" but with it drawn out, like "buuudding forest")

#4 ゴロネール地下水道 Goroneeru underground waterway

Lost and can't find the waterway? Go to the town square with the fountain, then go to the lower-right path. Alternatively, go to the upper-right from the weapon shop. Cast アンロック (Unlock) on the gate. A white mouse will come up and want to talk to you. Cast トーカー (Talker). The mouse's name is シロッポ (Shiroppo). He asks if you're going to see/fight チューベル17世 (Chuuberu the 17th generation), who is a large mini-boss mouse you'll meet in the back of the waterway/sewer. Shiroppo will mention some stuff in red like "まんなか つけるな 次は逆" but it doesn't actually matter.

Right now you can go into your spellbook and draw in the spells エスケープ (Escape) and (ふっかつのはい / 復活の灰 Ashes' revival).

A battle will come up. By the way, your imagine/familiar's special skill (under とくぎ) called デタラメぎり (random technique?) is an attack that uses random swipes to hit all the enemies on screen, instead of just one enemy. After attacking once, Shizuku will tell you that you can switch party members by pressing the down arrow on the directional pad (changing たたかう attack to いれかえ switch/replace).

You have to click and drag the bird imagine and replace the orange imagine with it (while it's normally possible to replace any character with any other character, in this tutorial it's not).

You can even replace fainted characters with fresh characters, since you can hit "replace" at any time and replace a character even when it's not the one currently in use. Replacing characters doesn't cost you a battle turn either. If a character faints, after the battle they'll automatically be restored with  about 1 HP, so you can just use heal on them. If Oliver faints it doesn't matter, you won't lose the game, it's probably only if all party members are fainted at once.

Hit the up arrow on the directional pad to switch the menu back to the normal attack menu, after switching. Now just complete the battle as normal. The bird imagine/familiar has a skill attack where it attacks a single monster with wind (カマイタチ whirlwind cut). While it doesn't matter now, in the future some monsters will be elemental and if they're wind element, the wind might actually heal them instead of harm them (or at least, it does less damage than normal). Make your way to the back/upper right part. Don't worry if you're seemingly going slowly, because all the battling will just help you level up and beat the boss easier, after all. By the way, I think the imagines are stronger than Shizuku so I normally replace him with someone else. Don't worry about using up all of your MP because there will always be save statues before boss battles (and sometimes just randomly in the middle of the dungeon too).

Sometimes in dungeons you'll see large green or blue crystals, and clicking on them crushes them and restores some HP/MP - but they don't restore all of it.

Once you've gone up one screen and then to the upper-right, you'll find a statue of the fat cat king. Use Fireball ファイアボール on the candle-holders to the left and right (NOT the middle/front one). Remember, you don't have to actually draw the spell, just cast it from your spellbook menu. If you see any blue treasure chests around, you can cast アンロック (Unlock) next to them and open them.

Going around to the upper-right is another cat statue. Do the same thing, only this time only on the middle candlestick. Now you go up and can fight the giant purple mouse mini-boss. Afterwards Oliver picks up the magic staff that was left behind (まほうのみみかき magic earpick). A blue portal will open up and it transports you to outside of the sewers, now you go talk to the king.

There's a cutscene where the king refuses to help Oliver, and Shizuku afterwards says he's タケガラビト ("heartbroken") and missing やる気 (motivation, willingness, determination). There's another sort of cutscene where stone-sensei comes out and tells you "there's a radar on the vial (トレビンレーダー torebin radar) that stores the heart pieces - when you get near a person with an excess of emotion, the person will glow on the map screen". Then you can cast ハートピース (Heart Piece) to fix their excess. Unfortunately you can't cast the heart piece-related spells just via the spellbook, you have to draw them every single time. If you forgot what the spell looks like, just preview it in your spellbook.

They take the emotion from ミルコ, then go back to give it to the king and cast ハートキュア (Heart Cure). He recovers and gives you the まほうのつえ (magic staff) that you asked for (remember you were just using a wooden stick before).

Oliver tells the king that he's going to defeat Jabo. The king asks him about his own "other self" in Oliver's world, and mentions a present, the 氷結 (freezing/congelation) spell. This one is hard to draw so that the DS recognizes it...

The king says to go through モエールの森 (moeeru forest) to get to ババナシア (babanasia) country. There, there's a guy called ソロン (Solon) who can help you fight Jabo (since he used to be a great wizard). He tells you to go to カラス商会 (crow company), which is just the name of the weapon shop. Talk to the shopkeeper and he'll tell you about アイテムリンク "item link" which actually is just "how to equip stuff to imagines". Now you'll be able to change your equipment from the bag menu, for both imagines/familiars and humans/other party members.

Check your spellbook, now you can draw in:

In front of the owl head shop is a lady with an excess of emotion (やる気 - eagerness, motivation). In front of the inn there's a pink cat girl who has an excess of the same emotion. To the lower-left of that screen is the quest shop, check the bulletin board and we have four new quests:

  • quest 020 ネコ人と鼻タッチ (cat-people and nose-touch): First accept the quest. Go to the cat woman in front of the inn (she'll have a yellow quest speech bubble), and when she is talking, touch her nose (on the icon shown with the dialogue). She'll meow and the conversation will change. After that, you're supposed to touch the nose of the "black cat nephew" who is in every town from here on out. I'll remind you about it in this guide.
  • quest 042 苗木を育てる  (the sapling-raising man): He's the tall/big guy just inside the entrance to town. Give a やる気 emotion to him... except we can't get anymore right now. You'll get 2 stamps when you eventually do.
  • quest 043 ネコ人の少年 (young male cat-person): There's a black cat-boy on the bottom part of the weapons shop screen. Give him やる気 (motivation). You'll get 2 stamps.
  • quest 044 旅人との出会い (the traveller and the meeting): There's a traveller near the town square/fountain, give him やる気 (motivation, enthusiasm). You'll get 2 stamps.

An old lady next to the weapon shop should やさしさ (gentleness), and if not, come back to town after visiting the next town (babanasia kingdom) and it'll be there. There's also a boy next to the old lady, who has an excess of 勇気 (courage).

§ Vocabulary:

The other options you see once you've hit the down arrow and have the option to switch party members:

  • つよさ (purple) - strength(ness), power
  • さくせん (orange) - strategy
  • にげる (pink) - escape (run away from battle)

#5 モエールの森 Moeeru Forest

There's a short cutscene where some knights come along and talk about Oliver (I assume). Then we go into the forest, and see it's called "実りの森 forest of ripening/crops" for a reason. To the right is a large pink-headed flower that we have to use トーカー (Talker) on. Luckily this time we don't have to draw it in and can just use it from the menu.

They ask きょうだいはな (powerful flower) how come the mushrooms are so big, she's surprised they can speak her language. She says something must be wrong with the 生命の泉 (spring of life), which this forest lives on. Anyway, we move on, and see that there's paths/steps of mushrooms but can't use then due to rocks in the middle.

To the lower-left is a tree with an imagine egg in it. "Don't imagines come from the heart?" asks Oliver. Yes, but apparently they can manifest in trees or something... Draw ときよもどれ/時よ戻れ (Turn Back Time) and the egg will hatch and (eventually) become yours. I don't think it's a good fighter though personally.

Now we can use マッハさいばい/マッハ栽培 (Mach Cultivation) on all the mushroom steps. "Look, the spring's broken" "Oliver, we can fix it" and suddenly the 森のタシさん (forest caretaker-san) mini-boss appears. They think that maybe the broken spring is due to Jabo. Anyway, the boss is weak to wind so use your bird imagine's skills a lot. You'll get だいちのオーブ (earth orb). Use ときよもどれ/時よ戻れ (Turn Back Time) (you can just use it from the spellbook menu) and the spring of life is restored!

§ Vocabulary:

  • 実りの森 - forest of ripening/crops
  • 森の入口 - forest's entrance
  • きょうだいはな - powerful flower
  • 生命の泉 - life's fountain / spring of life
  • たまご - egg
  • 最高や - It's awesome! (ya is what Shizuna says instead of da)
  • 森の集合戦士 - Gathering-warrior of the forest?? it said something like this as part of the boss' full title.

#6 ババナシア王国 Babanasia Kingdom

Babanas are apparently bananas, and they're sold here very freshly and deliciously. So that's what the name comes from. Then they remember King Nyandal told them to look for Solon. "Do you know of sage Solon?" Oliver asks an old man. "I do, but not everyone does! Because he's now known as ババナ売りのソロン (babana-seller Solon) you know! Hahahah. He's at this town's main street."

To the left of town is the quest shop. Right now you can get:

  • Quest 082: みじゅくババナン討伐 (raw babanan suppression): To the upper-left of the oasis above town (it's shown on the map although you can barely tell it's an oasis on there), in the desert, is another monster to subdue like the other times. It's weak against fire. You get 3 stamps.
  • Quest 034: よろいの秘密 (armour's secret): This is a quest from Miranto, first talk to him and then go to the weapons shop. Inside to the left is a suit of armour, click on it then return to Miranto. You get 4 stamps.
  • Quest 045: 絵筆をもう一度 (paintbrush once more): A painter wants "やる気 motivation". You can get it from the kid next to Miranto, and you give it to ペイントさん (paint-san) who is a guy two screens up from the weapon and item shops. You get 2 stamps.
  • Quest 006: グルメマニア (gourmet mania): The gourmet one screen up from Miranto wants "シミジミがい" (a type of shellfish), which we'll get once we get the ship and can go to リゾー島 (rizou island) and can go to デル・モカール (deru mokaaru / del mocal?), which the gourmet mentions. I'll remind you about it.
  • Quest 020: ネコ人と鼻タッチ (cat-people and nose-touch): The black cat-boy is to the bottom-right of town next to the owl head (item) shop and weapon shop. Talk to him, touching his nose while his picture is on the screen as he speaks. The quest won't be finished after this, we still have more cat-people in more towns to do it to.

If you've done all the quests in this guide, now you should have 3 full stamp sheets and your current one is almost full. (That is, if you didn't exchange them for something already).

At this point, buying food items does basically nothing, but once we reach the next town we'll get a cooking/alchemy pot and can concoct treats for imagines and other stuff. I'm not sure, but I think each town has one special item not sold in the other towns, and Babanasia Kingdom's is moeeru forest water while Del Mocal's must be the shellfish...? Not sure about that though.

Go to the top of town and we see Solon with an exclamation mark over his head, standing next to a girl. Oliver tells him that he wants to learn magic in order to defeat Jabo. Solon says that's dangerous, and too bad since he's quit magic - his daughter マル (Maru) became タゲガラビト ("heartbroken" / emotionally stunted) due to Jabo. Solon thinks it's his fault it happened, so he won't try to fight anymore. Oliver wants to fix her heart and Shizuku says it's a "心のい懸隔" (heart discrepancy) that's the problem. They need to balance out Maru's heart with her parallel self's heart.

So, go into your spellbook and use the gate rune. Maru's other self has a house to the lower-left of the shopping street (go directly accross the street from Leila's farm shop). Oliver remarks "That house... a girl was always looking out from the window there. Everyone called her 窓女 (window-woman). Maru seemed the same as her."

Oliver rings the doorbell and tries the door, but it's locked. "Oh? Everyone in that house should be out now." says a lady passing by. "U-um, in this house a girl should live here...." Oliver asks. "Oh, Shelly? The poor dear... things have been bad at her house." "How come?" "Because of her dad コロード (Corrode), her and レイシル (Rochelle), the poor things...." "Rochelle?" "The wife. She's always trying to be bright while around Corrode... Now she goes to his work every day to bring him a lunch of sandwiches." Oliver decides it really must be Shelly who is Maru's parallel. "Mark was coming to see me every day, but Shelly doesn't have someone like that, she was always just staring out the window, alone." Now we can use アンロック (Unlock) (from the spellbook menu is fine) to break into her house and meet her.

"I'm Oliver, but I'm not a stranger..." "I know you, I've been watching you." "Eh?" "I have some kind of illness, so I can't leave this room. That's why I always just look out my window..." "You're always in this room, so I came to meet you!" "No, it's impossible Oliver, papa won't like it. Go leave."

Shizuku thinks there's something wrong in Corrode's heart, so Oliver needs to go to his workplace. Follow the arrows and go to the factory. By the way, we now also have "Hotel Lily" and the train station that we can go to, but nothing is doable there yet. "Um, Corrode-san? The thing with Shelly is that..." Corrode tells you to go home. Rochelle comes in, "Here's your lunchbox..." "I don't want it" "But if has your favourite things in it" "I said I don't want it!" and he knocks it to the ground. "Corrode... take care of yourself..." she says and leaves.

The purple stuff gets larger, and Shizuku says it's a "ナイトメア nightmare". Which happens when someone is emotionally unstable and Jabo puts evil into their heart, or something. Anyway, now we fight クロードメア (Corrode-mare).

"He still seems strange..." "We fought the nightmare, but he's still broken-hearted. He needs やさしさ (tenderness, kindheartedness)."

"Um, excuse me." "Yes?" "I'll be taking a little of your kindheartedness..." "Eh? What now...?" Draw the spells and transfer the emotion. "Corrode! Thank goodness!" "Rochelle, why are you here?" "Fufu..." and then we leave to go see Shelly again. We have to use the unlock spell again (you can do it from the menu).

"Oliver, what is it?" "Well, err..." "It looked like there was a crisis with papa..." "Shelly, let's go!" "Eh?" "You want to leave. Your illness is already gone." "It's impossible..." Shelly's dad comes up. "Shelly. Please go." "Eh?" "Shelly, now I realized. I didn't know what to do before. Your illness... your heart... Rochelle and I want you to be able to leave this house..." "Papa, I..." (she cries) "I know. Pappa too. Mama too." "Shelly... will you forgive papa?" "Yeah."

"Oliver, I did it! I'm going outside! I'm going outside! Thanks Oliver. I want to go outside more! I want to go to school, and see various people. I'm a little scared, but I want to." Draw the spell and Oliver will take her 勇気 (courage, bravery). Err, not sure if that was the best thing for him to do but it happened, and now we can go fix Maru's heart in the second world. Use the gate spell (you can even do it right in front of her house). Talk to Solon and draw the "give heart" spell for Maru. "Maru, it's really you!" Solon is moved to the point of sounding like crying.

"Maybe it was her who you returned courage to, but it was in reality returned to me. I'll fight Jabo too!" and mentions ひとつながりの笛 (flute of human connection??), and that we have to go to デカロック山 (Deca-rock mountain). "This town has a local production of babana fruit, but something's up with Decarock Mountain's eruptions due to Jabo..." They decide to go to the sacred temple/place at Decarock Mountain, and Maru and her imagine called セバ (Seba) are coming with.

Solon says he'll teach Oliver 聖なる矢 (holy/sacred arrow) first and then 衝撃波 (shockwave) immediately. Sacred arrow is very effective against "dark-type" monsters, ex. nightmares.

Go to the quest shop again and there's some new ones:

  • Quest 046: 先生帰ってきて (returning sensei): At the top of town, to the right of the town square (with the milk fountain) is a sensei and boy talking, they need やさしさ (tenderness, gentleness). In the center passageway of town, on a page where the map doesn't appear, is a grandma talking to a guy. Talk to her and the guy will disappear, and then she'll have it. You get 2 stamps.
  • Quest 047: 臆病者の兵士 (coward soldier): He's a man right next to another man at the crossroads, needing 勇気 (courage, bravery). A boy at the eastern/right side of town (one screen up from the weapon and item shops) has it. The guy to the left gives the quest and the guy to the right is the one who needs it fulfilled. You get 2 stamps.

Now is a good time to go back and get those two emotions from the old lady and boy at the weapon shop, from the cat kingdom, if you didn't/couldn't before. To get through Moeeru Forest all you have to do is go straight up and walk over the mushroom staircases.

§ Vocabulary:

  • 賢者 - wise man/woman, sage. So 賢者ソロン is "Sage Solon".
  • ツバクロ商会 - swallow company (quest shop's name)
  • xの心をわたしました! - transferred x of the heart! (talking about giving people emotions)
  • 外 - outside
  • 名産 - local specialty
  • 噴火 - eruption (volcanic)
  • 再び - once more, a second time
  • 活気 - energy, liveliness
  • 精霊 - spirit, soul, ghost
  • 神殿 - temple/shrine, sanctuary, sacred place

#7 デカロック山 Decarock Mountain

From Babanasia Kingdom, go left and you'll eventually see the arrow pointing to the mountain. As they get almost there, they see a deep ravine that Oliver has to use みえざるみち/見えざる道 (Visible Path/Road) on. Then they camp and spend the night in the forest, with Oliver explaining to Maru that he's going to fight Jabo because his mother is dead... Anyway, some of the monsters here are weak to ice, luckily we have that spell.

Once you get to the point where you have to choose which path, choose the top option (and it'll take you to the left). You'll end up at the 試練の洞窟 (cave of trials). There'll be a cutscene where a bird is being attacked by monsters, go save it then try to go to the temple door. A bird called ホウオウ (Houou) will be your 案内 (guide) as you complete different trials. The walkthrough for the trials is here, under "NDS game".

After all that, we end up in a new place, the sages' temple. (ポコロ様 Pokoro-sama), his full title is  "仙人様 Hermit/Immortal Mountain Wizard-sama" is there. He's a blue-skinned, orange/brown-haired mage who wears blue mage robes and sits on a throne in the temple. You meet him just after beating Bashura (バラゴス Valgos). He gives Esther (マル Maru) the Heart-Winning Harp (精霊のハープ ghost harp). Then he tells her to battle against the three familiars (ニャン Meow), a black cat wearing human clothes and wielding a dagger, (ヤドケロリ Yadokeloli), a frog wrapped up in a stitched-up blanket, and (はつがビックリ budding surprise), a green faerie with wings. Battling, then playing the correct song on the harp will sometimes capture a familiar. You have to "attack" an enemy at least once to get a chance for it to like you though.

Don't be worried, you'll be able to get all the familiars here later on too. They'll show up as normal monsters in different areas around the world in the game. If you want pure strength, ニャン is good in my opinion.

Then you can learn what the "imagine manhole" does. You can store imagines in there, and trade them over wifi (but I think the wifi centre has shut down by now), and do something with imagine eggs (which will eventually be purchasable in towns at item shops) that I don't know about. He'll give you a mirror and ask you which imagine you want to use it on - pick your favourite one because it'll make that imagine evolve.

From now on, imagines who reach a high enough level will evolve after the battle they levelled up on (if you okay it), typically they learn a new skill upon evolution.

Leave the temple and go to the right where previously we chose the option to the left. A magma lady monster will come out as a mini-boss. When she shoots rocks out of her back, on your next turn move your characters using the battle positioning to other spots, and when the rocks land they'll all miss.

Keep going up, and there will be a door that's unopenable. One treasure chest to the left has a key, keep going left and up and there's another door + treasure chest with a key. Go back to the first door, and use アイテムマージ (Item Merge) (you can do it from the spellbook menu), it will fuse the two keys into one and then you can open the gate. Go up and you'll find a lava monster, defeat it and the volcano will be less active now and the babanas will be safe (I assume).

We're back in Babanasia Kingdom, go to the quest shop (to the left of town) and there's new ones:

  • Quest 021 イマージェン調査員 (imagine examiner): There's a man to the upper-right of the town square where the milk fountain is. Catch a "fire-element" imagine and take it to him (ツノノコ from Decarock Mountain works).
  • Quest 083 カークス討伐 (kaakusu suppression): Same suppression routine as before, the monster is a dark blue bird straight east of the kingdom. You'll get 5 stamps.

Now we can go to 港町ビッキーニ (Bikini Port City), which is further to the right on the overworld, almost straight down from the Babanasia Kingdom. As we leave town, the knights appear again.

Be warned that you didn't automatically heal from the boss battle, so now is a good time to sleep in the inn and visit the dream world.

#8 港町ビッキーニ Port City Bikini

At this point, check your spellbook and re-draw in any spells that are now missing. There are some monsters  that erase the spells from your book as they use certain moves on you.

Rock Stone-sensei comes out and says "Oh? This imagine is さびしく (lonely). When this happens, it loses its motivation to fight. Use 'げんきシロップ' (vigour syrup) to cure it". If you go to your imagine caretaking screen, and the imagine has a purple cloud over its head, it needs curing with the syrup.

As soon as you walk inside town, a peddler (ろてんしょう - stallholder) will offer you a cauldron/cooking pot. He asks you to find something on page 61 of Magic Master and input a "password". The password is "いでよなべまじん come, cooking-pot devil/genie!". Then a mini-boss battle against the cooking pot genie (なべまじん) begins. He is disorganized and takes a while to find his sword and shield. He's giant, with red skin, a turban, and the lower half of his body is stuck inside the cauldron. Using fire against him will give you a bunch of "ナイズ!nice!" and you'll soon power up and be able to do a super move. Super moves don't carry over to the next battle, so don't try saving it.

After beating him, Oliver receives the (ごうせいなべ hardy cooking pot), and both the ingredients and recipe for (げんきシロップのレシピ healthy syrup recipe). Make it and feed it to the imagine with the cloud over its head, to cure it. In future towns we'll be able to just buy it. Soon we can make lots of items through our bag menu!! For now, walk further into town and everyone thinks we're strange because we're not in bathing suits, so the mayor comes up and gives us some.

  • Right above the inn is Miranto, he wants us to get a recipe from a woman on the west side of town for なまキャラメル ("raw" plain caramel), make one piece and then give it to him. (We can't make it yet since the shopkeeper disappeared and we can't buy caramel, but he'll return). She's on the same screen as the quest boat and gives you a lot more recipes than just that one. They're food items that you can feed to imagines (I'm not sure what for - I think they have a chance of improving their stats).

At the top of the screen with the quest boat is an old man who has an excess of やる気 (willingness, motivation, inspiration)! Finally we can fulfill that quest with the guy lacking it... except the cat kingdom is rather far away, so don't walk all the way there now because we'll soon have the boat that can take us there easier. The other new quests are:

  • 007 ノドに効くクスリ (throat-effective medicine): This is requested by a lady back in Babanasia at the crossroads. It needs us to cook "うたひめのひやく (songstress' secret medicine)", which is a recipe of ハナハチのミツ (flower-bee honey)x2 and どくけしそう (antidote-seeming)x1.
  • 010 ホエルン退治 (Hoerun extermination - suppression quest): By Decarock Mountain, on the sea-side, the monster ホエルン is found.
  • 084 チョッキン討伐 (suppression): Due west of Babansia, along the mountain, is the monster.
  • 085 ファン討伐 (suppression): To the upper-right of Bikini is the monster, it's obvious once you head right a tiny bit.
  • 008 夢見る少年 (dreaming boy): Talk to a man at the harbour (top-right of the bridges) to get the quest along with a message in a bottle. Once we get to a place called サムラ, we'll talk to the innkeeper there. Apparently the first answer is ミルク噴水 (milk water-fountain), the second, スロットは100倍 (slot is 100 times)?.
  • Just above the quest-giver for "dreaming boy" is a house. Enter it, go upstairs and out on the balcony and there is a black cat nephew. Talk to him and touch his nose while he's talking to help further that quest!

While you're there, go to the left to the dock and we'll see a small cutscene. We need a royal decree from Babanasia Kingdom in order to sail (or something like that), so Oliver has to go back there. As we leave, the shopkeeper is back and gives us タマゴチケット (egg ticket). Talk to him and select the second option (ひきかえ exchange), click on your ticket and accept the idea of an exchange. Now go towards the inn and click on the blue manhole cover, click around and you'll see a level 25 pink egg from the dream world (if you went there) and a level 1 egg from the exchange just now. I don't know how to hatch them. Anyway, now you can buy the ingredients needed for the plain caramel that Miranto wants.

Go back to Babanasia and we find out the queen is Leila from the farm shop back home, or her parallel self that is. Use gate, go towards the farm shop, and there's a cutscene where the "window girl" from before is now taking care of Leila's shop because of a problem Leila's having. Go back to the second world and at the milk fountain use ちょうりまほう/調理魔法 (Cooking Magic) (you can use it from the spellbook menu). Go see the queen, you'll find out she's "heartbroken" and is eating too much because of that, so as you leave you take "restraint" from her servant and transfer it to her.

You get "Leila's letter" which will let the boat sail, and she says she'll give you some spells, the first is 迷宮の目 (Maze's/Labyrinth's Eye). The second is トレジャーサーチ (Treasure Search).

Go back to Bikini, follow the arrows, cutscenes and a nightmare battle happen...  Take an emotion from the mayor who happens to have an excess of the same one that the thief was missing.

After that, a woman and an old man are next to each other on the right side of town on the wooden "overlook" (platform so you can see the sea), accept a quest from them and give the woman 勇気 (courage), which you already have from earlier if you followed this guide. You get two stamps. Go to the house at the very top-right of town and there's two people inside, with one an excess of 勇気. Go back to the dock and talk to the thief (named ジャイロ - assuming it's "Gyro" from here on) who took your letter earlier, casting "give heart" and giving him がまん (patience, self-control). Now Gyro and his imagine Brock (ブロック) join your party. Start going to the town again, to the right, and there's a treasure chest with a question mark - click on it and Gyro will open it. Now we can open green treasure chests!! And now we sail.

§ Vocabulary:

  • 町長さん/ちょうちょう - mayor
  • 水着/みずぎ - "water clothes", bathing suit
  • 町 - town, neighbourhood
  • カウラ女王陛下 - Her Majesty the Queen Kaura (Leila's other self)
  • どでかチーズ - ?? (I probably typo'd)
  • 船 - boat
  • 海 - sea, ocean

#9 デル・モカール Del Mocal

! Huge warning about saving inside Del Mocal !:

Saving normally didn't have any problems, but at one point there is a storyline battle and you'll be asked if you want to save before/after the cutscene, do not save at that point, your game may have the same glitch as mine. My game immediately froze during the saving, the save file became corrupted and I had to completely restart the game. - Risgrynsgroet (talk) 07:28, March 18, 2014 (UTC)


On the boat, we head east (they force you to, don't bother trying to go anywhere else yet), but there is a storm caused by magic. They decide that it might be possible to get rid of the magic eye causing the storm (ドクロ目 - "skull eye, eye of death"), if they shoot huge fireworks (大型の花火) into it using cannons (大砲) that are on the ship. This requires travelling to リゾー島 ("resort island" - short for リゾートアイランド). We're going there to look for 伝説の (legendary) 花火職人 (firework-craftsman/worker) フリント (Flint), who is supposedly living there.

The town on the island is "Casino Town", as it has a カジノ (casino), or the official name is Del Mocal (デル・モカール). It has a pyramid on it visible from the world map. We have to land the boat at a beach or harbour, you can't get off just anywhere.

Right where we land, there's a blue sparkle to the left which is the ツミジミがい needed for the gourmet in Babanasia! Don't worry, it'll be purchasable in town so we can just buy more and then fulfill the quests after that.

While normally you may not have any interest in the casino, there is special content that gets unlocked (possibly after the "end" of the game) that you can get if you get 777's multiple times. Read here for more info and tricks for making the slot machines easier.

Once screen left of the town square/entrance area is Miranto. He'll give the quest "あるルーンの成り立ち". The answer is "3" and you'll get 5 stamps. Left of that is the harbour, straight down from the entrance is a lady in light blue who will give you a quest. Going back, to the right side of town is a hotel and manhole. Inside the hotel is the black cat nephew, talk to him and touch his nose while his icon is on the dialogue screen. Up the middle path, at the shop here we can buy genki syrup.

  • Here, a man to the left gives the quest 051: トリック・スター (trick star): He needs がまん (patience, endurance, self-control). The boy directly past him at the top of the screen has it. This screen also has the quest shop, with the new quests:
  • 011 ババナ大好き親子 (Babana lover parent-and-child): In Bikini there's a woman who wants a babana delivered from someone in Babanasia(?). The person in Babanasia you talk to is on the same screen as Solon's tent.
  • 012 キセキを起こしてみて (miracle-watcher?): Inside the casino there's a man who wants you to get 777's on the slot machine. See here for slot machine tips.
  • 049 スパ大好き (super lovable): Just outside the Babanasia inn is a boy who needs がまん (self-control).
  • 050 とめられない旅人 (can't-stop traveller): Near the Bikini inn is a traveller who needs がまん.
  • 086 ゴロス討伐 (suppression): The monster is west on resort island.
  • 087 ビゴール討伐 (suppression): The monster is east on resort island.
  • We can return to Goroneeru Kingdom to give someone an emotion, and return to Babanasia to give the gourmet the shellfish.

At this point, if you return to any of the previous cities, make sure to talk to everyone because extra recipes and quests will pop up. Don't bother trying to go back to the ancient tree, there's no new quests.

§ Vocabulary:

  • レカ大陸 - reka continent
  • ドクロ目 - "skull eye", eye of death. However in this case it's referring to the magic thing that appears in the sky above them, causing the storm.
  • 大丈夫 - i'm sure you've picked this up by now, but it means "safe, all right" as in "are you alright?".
  • ゼルガスさん - The name of the boat captain.
  • 船乗り -

"boat rider", sailor

  • 方法 - method, way
  • 大砲 - "large gun", cannon
  • 大型の花火 - large fireworks
  • カジノ - casino
  • 南 - south
  • 海岸 - coast, beach
  • 地図の矢印 - map's arrow, aka. the arrow on the map that is pointing to the goal.

From here on, there is no more tutorial so far. Not because we don't need it but because due to various reasons I lost my game data and didn't keep playing for a long while, so this tutorial sat untouched for probably over a year. However I'm probably going to start playing again very soon (and I know a bit more Japanese now than before) so I should be able to slowly continue making this. Of course, anyone can create an account for this Wiki and come to edit the tutorial to add more in! - 2015 02 17, Risgryngroet

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