Location Information
Type Overworld
World Ni No Kuni

Nazcaä (also known as The Lost Continent) is a continent located in the west of the the Summerlands, in the south-westerly corner of the world. The kingdom of Nazcaä had three great cities: Nazcaä, Tak'al, and Itzos. All that remains of the civilization is the Ara Memoriae, in the former site of the city of Nazcaä. It is shrouded in fog before the Ash Cloud falls on the world, and even after the mists clear, the whole continent is protected from intruders.

Only Tengri may trespass on Nazcaä, and the dragon may only land on the dragon symbol etched in the ground. Oliver may use Travel to reach Nazcaä, but only after he locates the Ara Memoriae.


  • Nazcaä is named after the famous archaeological site Nazca, in Peru. The most notable part of the site is the perfectly geometric figures carved into the ground.

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