Location Information
Type Dungeon
World Ni No Kuni

Nevermore is an explorable location in Autumnia in Ni no Kuni. This area typically consists of Shadar's castle.


Spoiler warning!
This section contains plot details, which may spoil your gameplay.

Oliver and the group head to Nevermore to defeat Shadar. After activating a couple of switches, climb up a few sets of stairs, and generally run around a bit, they meet Shadar at the end. Once they have defeated all three forms of Shadar, Nevermore is transformed into a beautiful, plant-like structure.


  • As there are a random selection of different familiars in Nevermore, there isn't much of a "good" familar for this area.
  • The entrance of Nevermore involves players to explore the rooms left and right of the main hallway to find the switch that activates an invisible stair case (the star pinpoints the location)
  • Nevermore may only be entered once Oliver has traveled through the Miasma Marshes trail (and defeated its boss)
  • Nevermore contains an interesting stair case that defies gravity. For instance, to obtain one chest, you must control Oliver while the screen is upside-down 

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