Old Smoky
Old Smoky- The Molten Mountain
Location Information
Type Dungeon
Japanese Name デカロック山
Romaji Deca-rock Mountain
World Ni No Kuni

Old Smoky (デカロック山 Deca-rock Mountain) is a volcano located in the south of the Summerlands and located west from Al Mamoon. Generally, in comparison to the rest of the Shimmering Sands, the ground is dark and rocky-looking.


Spoiler warning!
This section contains plot details, which may spoil your gameplay.

After Oliver finished the Temple of Trials, the volcano will begin having violent quakes, a sign that it's soon to erupt because of the giant boulder not holding it back.

Oliver decides to save Al Mamoon and stop Old Smoky from erupting by putting back the giant boulder into its crater. By the time they get there, it's revealed that Shadar was behind the volcano's state, at which point he disappears and sends out Moltaan to defeat Oliver and Esther. The Moltaan is defeated and Oliver seals back the volcano with the huge boulder.

Later, Oliver will come back to defeat another version of Moltaan (Vulcaan) and defeat the existing Magimech during post-game.


  • Red: 6
  • Blue: 1
  • Green: 1
  • Purple: 1

Outside the volcano, you can find Spicy Seeds, which you'll need to collect for an errand.


(First-time through)

  • Make sure you have enough MP for the following spells: Frostbite , Spring Lock (for blue chest only), Bridge
  • At the second save point, you'll have to race to reach the top of the trail in less than 3 minutes (according to Mr. Drippy). Exploration will eat up time, but fighting will not.
  • Keep in mind the above timer is real until Mr. Drippy reveals the lie. At the same time, when you've reached the finish, you will not be allowed to head back down until you have defeated the main boss.
  • The boss of Old Smoky is weak against water. As such, keep firing Frostbite, try equipping a Level 3 Seed Sprite (preferably higher) so you can use the Water Bomb trick, and/or catch the golden glim when controlling Gogo (Drongo ) to cast Ice Age. Otherwise, try to aim at the tail with a Mite . If you manage to do both, you have the upper hand in this battle.


  • The symbol next to Old Smoky in the Wizard Companion's map is the Nazcaan number 6. Interestingly, the symbol isn't used again for other places.
  • You can find the traveling man's diary nearby some trees.

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