Oliver 10
Character Information
Aliases Meso-kun
Japanese Name オリバー
Romaji oribā
Gender Male
Age 14
Species Human
Weapon Wand
Occupation Great Sage
World of Origin Ichi No Kuni
Japanese voice actor Tabe Mikako
English voice actor Adam Wilson
Mother Allie
Spoiler warning!
This section contains plot details, which may spoil your gameplay.

Oliver (オリバー) is a young boy who is the main protagonist of Ni No Kuni. He is nicknamed Cry Baby Bunting or メソくん (Meso-kun) by Shizune/Drippy because "mesomeso" is the Japanese sound effect for crying. He lives a joyful life at first until his mother dies unexpectedly after she saves him from drowning. He cries onto a stuffed toy she made for him and his tears bring the doll to life. The doll says its name is Drippy and there is a chance he can find his mother in his world, since every person in Oliver's world has a counterpart in the world of Ni no Kuni.

Battle Role

Oliver is a spell-casting strategist. If he ever gets up close to fight enemies, it will be out of desperation. If you are using Oliver as a melee tank by the time you wander into the southern Summerlands, you should expect to measure his lifespan in seconds.

Oliver and Marcassin share wands - while Oliver should get preferential treatment (Mornstar and Astra), the Sky Tree Wand (from Errand 136) will go to great lengths in increasing his physical attack, although that weapon may be more suited for Marcassin.

Oliver has an affinity with Milites, Vermes, and Dracones familiars.


Burning Heart

Oliver's Miracle Move

Thanks to the the magic book known as The Wizard's Companion/Magic Master, Oliver can use magic spells both in and outside of battle. Due to one spell, he can summon familiars/imagines to help him on adventures. He can also use his wand as a melee weapon, though it does very little damage compared to his spells.

His Miracle Move is Burning Heart. The most potent "ability" of all however, stressed through the game, is his courage, determination, and nice nature.


During his initial appearance in the game, Oliver wore a yellow shirt, blue trousers, and light red socks and blue and white shoes. Upon reaching the first town in the second/parallel world, he obtains a new set of clothing which is a blue vest over a white shirt, white pants, and red cape. In Castaway Cove/Bikini Village, he obtains a bathing suit which shows him with red bathing shorts, while otherwise naked.

When traveling in The Winter Isles, Oliver wears a thick, blue longcoat with white linings, dark gloves and brown boots. He also wears the locket/vial that holds people's emotions around his neck along with almost every set of clothing, aside from his Motorville Clothes due to not having attained the locket in the beginning of the game.


Garments Unlocked Image
Motorville Clothes Default Oliver
Wizard Clothes After going to the Hootique once the clothes are complete in Ding Dong Dell Images (5)
Bathing Suit Acquired in Castaway Cove
Oliver Castaway Cove
Winter Coat Acquired in Yule on the Winter Isles
Oliver Yule


Oliver is an energetic and honest 13-year-old boy. He loves tinkering with machines, and he and his best friend Phil [Mark] are always dreaming about cars and contraptions.

Official website description

Oliver is a kind-hearted, nice, and polite. In the English version he addresses royalty by their respective titles (an example is calling King Tom XIV/Nyandal his "Meowjesty"), in the NDS version he addresses royalty just as any other character does (meaning if everyone in town calls him "King", so does Oliver). In the Japanese version he speaks less dialectically than Shizune/Drippy.

Oliver has a strong sense of justice. He believes that while the world may be flawed, it is still a place where many people strive for the greater good. As seen in various points of the game, he is trusting and nice to strangers, even if they have wronged him once before. His personality is what causes many characters in the game to trust and help him.


For the complete list of wands, see Wands.

In the PS3 game, Oliver gets his first wand (an old stick) in Motorville from Pea, as a means to cast the spell Gateway (ゲート Gate) in order to travel to the second world. In the NDS game, Shizune/Drippy tells him to pick up the "wand" from where it lays in the street outside his house.

He gains the Magic Wand in Ding Dong Dell (ゴロネール王国 Goroneeru Kingdom) after fixing King Tom/Nyandal's heart and defeating the Rat King in Ding Dong Well (ゴロネール地下水道 Goroneeru underground waterway).

He gains a legendary wand called Mornstar after being sent back in time by Gallus.

He gains the Astra wand (Mornstar’s twin) after the party defeats Gallus.

Through alchemy, players can also gain the Sky Tree Wand, which is done by combining Old Stick from the start of the game with the Mirror Of Truth.


Oliver learns an array of spells as he progresses through the game, all which are written down in the game's handbook (which is necessary to play the NDS game, but is built-in for the PS3 game).


  • Oliver is the only character who has two victory poses in the PS3 game. In his Motorville clothes, he will end the battle by wiping his hand across his forehead and commenting, “Phew…”. In his wizard clothes, he will raise one of his arms into the air and say something like “We did it!” or “We won!” (やったな is said in the Japanese NDS version).


Warning: Contains major spoilers

Oliver has two different soulmates that we meet, in the NDS game both are during the normal game content but in the PS3 one of them is only in the after-game content.