Character Information
Gender Female
Species Grimalkin
Occupation Inn Keeper
World of Origin Ni No Kuni

The Purrprietors are numerous female grimalkin who all look alike (possibly a family) and are responsible for running the Cat's Cradle inns. They are quite human-like when compared to most grimalkin.


Purrprietor have tan/pink fur with a green dress and a darker green robe. They have brown hair, styled to look like cat ears and a green belt. They also have eyes that look like they're always closed.

The Cowlipha's Painting


When you are going to take a nap in the cat's cradle, the Purrprietor excitedly excuses herself to see what the artist's painting of Cowlipha. Esther then gets upset because the Cowlipha looks nothing like her, like the artist said she did.

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