Rusty Cartwright
Rusty Koroodo Corrode
Character Information
Japanese Name (クロード
Romaji Kuroodo/Corrode
Gender Male
Species Human
Occupation Automobile Mechanic
World of Origin Ichi No Kuni
English voice actor Colin McFarlane
Soulmate Rashaad
Wife Betty Cartwright
Daughter Myrtle Cartwright

Rusty Cartwright (クロード Kuroodo/Corrode) is the father of Myrtle in Oliver's world. He is the soulmate of Rashaad (ソロン Solon), a great sage, and is married to Betty (レイシル Rochelle).


Spoiler warning!
This section contains plot details, which may spoil your gameplay.

Oliver travels to Al Mamoon (ババナシア王国 Babanasia Kingdom) to talk to Rashaad (ソロン Solon), who says that he gave up magic because Shadar/Jabo made Esther (マル Maru) brokenhearted.

Oliver and Mr. Drippy/Shizune travel to Oliver's world and find Esther (マル Maru)'s soulmate, named Myrtle (シェリー Shelly). Her house is to the bottom-right of the shopping street in town. While trying to enter, a fat old woman passes by and gives some town gossip to Oliver, saying that her family has had problems lately. Oliver uses Spring Lock アンロック (Unlock) to open her house door, she is inside and says she is ill and can't leave the house or her dad will get mad. Oliver goes to her dad's workshop to talk to him.

Rusty/Corrode is suffering from a Nightmare, and Oliver is forced to fight it. Then Betty (レイシル Rochelle) comes in, offering him food. Oliver uses Take Heart ハートピース (Heart Piece) to take her kindness, and Give Heart ハートキュア (Heart Cure) to repair Rusty/Corrode's heart.

The father goes home and apologizes to his daughter--prompting the scene in which Myrtle (シェリー Shelly) steps outside for the first time. Oliver uses Take Heart ハートピース (Heart Piece) after this scene to get Myrtle (シェリー Shelly)'s courage, then travels back to the other world, where he fixes Esther (マル Maru)'s heart with it. Afterwards as thanks, Rashaad (ソロン Solon) takes Oliver to the Temple of Trials (試練の洞窟 cave of trials).

In an errand, you can go back to Rusty's Workshop later to fix a broken mechanical part.


Rusty seems mean at first due to his broken heart/nightmare. Later he's shown to have a warm, comforting personality. Like Rashaad, he cares for his family.


  • In the PS3 game, he has dark brown skin, brown eyes, and brown hair (in comparision to Betty/Rochelle and Myrtle/Shelly, who have lighter skin, blonde hair, and blue eyes). He also has a beard. He wears a dull green collared shirt with long sleeves (that are pushed up), a yellow tie, black pants, a brown belt, and brown shoes.
  • In the NDS game, he has pale skin while Rashaad (ソロン Solon) has very dark skin, suggesting the latter is simply due to living in the desert.


  • Rusty/Corrode and his family are the only characters with revealed last names (Cartwright) in the PS3 game.
  • While Rusty/Corrode's wife Betty (レイシル Rochelle) is shown, we never know about her soulmate.

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