Smiley and Surly
NNK Screenshot 7
Character Information
Romaji Nico and Pucchi
Gender Male
Species Fairy
Weapon Slapstick
Occupation Comedians
World of Origin Ni No Kuni
Japanese voice actor Hirai Yoshiyuki (Nico)
Yanagihara Tetsuya (Pucchi)
English voice actor Owain Rhys Davies (Smiley)
Matthew Gravelle (Surley)
Mother The Fairy Godmother

Smiley and Surly are two fairies with a unique appearance. Surly has a grumpy face and hair like protrusions on his head, while Smiley has a chipper face and two pierced horn like protrusions.

They are younger fairy siblings of Drippy and his main source of information (through telepathy) about the state of the other world while he was stuck as a doll.

History and Roles

They initially serve as failed scouts, as they bungled at spying on Shadar. They even end up "broken-'arted", just when Oliver and company need their comic talent. Once cured they put on quite a show, before yet again leaving to spy on Shadar.

They are seen again aboard the Iron Wyvern, having detoured to get the best weapons to battle Shadar and ending up not knowing he was already defeated by the time they board the ship. They then open up a weapon shop to recoup  their losses. Mainly, they serve as comic relief and give Drippy a chance to be a bit more serious.

Post game, they seek to expand their shop's inventory with (replica's of) famous weapons such as Drippy's slapstick, Allie's fryingpan and other weird items. Their shop is expensive and by the time it opens you'll probably have made better equipment through Alchemy.


  • Drippy: They look up to their elder brother with respect. Though their comedy routine is excellent, they acknowledge his as legendary.
  • Fairy Godmother: They may not like the chores she dishes out, they are more obedient and polite than Drippy about it.
  • Littlies: They're role models for most Littlies, like Drippy is.


  • Their comedy routine is based of the Japanese comedy style known as "Manzai", which features a dim-witted and often naive comedian being told off by a more serious counterpart for various bad puns and misunderstandings.
  • They added graffiti inside the Fairy Godmother as Littlies.

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