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Spells are called "runes" in the Japanese game. To cast a spell, draw the rune that correlates to it. "Everyday" or "passive" spells can be used outside of battle. While the rune names are written in kanji in the guidebook, in certain places in the game they're written in hiragana.

Each spell is given to you in-game, for example by sages or royalty. There are also optional spells gained by speaking to a ghost-child named Horace and solving his riddles. In the NDS game, some spells are drawn in and "memorized" in-game instead of officially receiving them or being forced to perform them once. It isn't necessary to always draw the spell from scratch, for example if there is a locked treasure chest, pressing Y or clicking on your wand and clicking on the spellbook would allow you to press "use spell" and have the chest unlock without the need to draw anything.

  • Possible error messages for when drawing spells on the NDS version of Ni no Kuni: "今の杖では使えないようだ the staff can't be used for that spell right now","この魔法では効果が無いようだ This magic won't have any effect", "描き方を間違えたようだ you made a mistake in your drawing".

Battle Spells

Battle Spells can be used in combat, and some have additional uses outside of battle (especially as answers to quests). If an enemy is elemental, an attack spell that is strong against that element will do more damage to it.

List of battle spells: (The number listed is its number in the game booklet/The Wizard's Companion.)

Passive/Everyday Spells

These are to be used outside of battle. Usually this means they are for solving puzzles, ex. Puppet String is a spell used to move statues.

List of passive spells:

Forbidden Spells

Forbidden Spells are not truly forbidden — it's possible to cast them, but one pays a price.

Fairy Spells

Fairy Spells are spells that can only be used by fairies. They cannot be used by humans, with the exception of Poison Apple (毒りんご). All of the fairy spells can be acquired from the Fairy Godmother.

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