Sprout Sprite
202 sprout sprite
Number Recruitment Percentage
202 4.8%
Morph Lvl Max Lvl Growth Rate
34 72 Early
Stamina Stamina Recovery
35 1.8
Movement Speed Attack Speed
4 3
Max Atk Max Def Max Mag. Atk
82 125 248
Max Mag. Def Max Eva Max Accuracy
171 196 123
Damage taken versus:
Physical Water Light
100% 100% 50%
Fire Storm Dark
150% 100% 100%

Sprout Sprite
202 sprout sprite
HP EXP Guilders
368 83 166
Normal: Planetdrop (25%)
Rare: Snowflake (4%)
Normal: Planetdrop (35%)
Rare: Blizzard Bloom (18%)
Attack Magic Attack Evasion
138 130 134
Defense Magic Defense Accuracy
143 104 134


Creature Compendium:

"The heavy bud that has formed on this creature's head adversely affects its balance."

Wizard's Companion:

"Flower buds grow from the heads of these creatures as they get older, becoming quite a burden in later life. Should you see one looking down, it is probably resting its neck."


Genus: Nymphae
Equipment Type: Spears, Clothes, Patches
Gem Type: Water, Neutral
Miracle Move: New Dawn
Command: Evade

Status effect modifiers:
Vulnerable to: Curse
Highly vulnerable to: None
Resistances: Nix
Immunities: None

Compatibility: Marcassin
Tamable: Yes
Metamorph from: Seed Sprite
Metamorphoses: Sweetpea Sprite, Sugarplum Sprite
Common Celestial Signs: Moon
Location found: Turtle Crag


Level Trick Effect
1 Drowsy Drops Support
8 Bubble Bath Water
16 Razzle Dazzle Support
28 Healing Rain Heal