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Status Effect Duration Cure


Accuracy lowered by 70% 20 seconds Poison-Be-Gone, All-Be-Gone, Light Relief, Chant


Attack party members with 10% chance of critical hits 20 seconds Confusion-Be-Gone, All-Be-Gone, Light Relief, See Sense, Chant


Half movement speed 20 seconds Curse-Be-Gone, All-Be-Gone, Petrifying Pulse, Light Relief, Chant


Unable to cast spells, miracle move, songs, Trickshots or Trick List 20 seconds Nix-Be-Gone, All-Be-Gone, Light Relief, Chant


Turned into stone and unable to take action End of battle Stone-Be-Gone, All-Be-Gone, Light Relief, Chant


HP cuts by 4% every 4 seconds until HP is 1 20 seconds Poison-Be-Gone, All-Be-Gone, Light Relief, Chant


Unable to react with 40% of receiving critical hits 20 seconds Get attack, Sleep-Be-Gone, All-Be-Gone,Rise and Shine, Light Relief, Chant


Unable to react 5 seconds All-Be-Gone, Light Relief, Chant


Unable to react with 0 HP End of battle Phoenix Feather, Phoenix Tear, Phoenix Breath, Upsy-Daisy

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