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Your welcome to the casino.

The Crypt Casino is, in the PS3 version, a casino located in the Tombstone Trail. You will unlock it after using the Breach Time spell. You cannot access the casino the first time you go to the Tombstone Trail, however, as it has not been built yet.  A skeleton tells you that it will take around a decade to build, and after using Breach Time to go back 15 years into the future, it is available for use.

In the NDS version, the casino is seemingly a cross between the PS3 casino and the PS3 Fairyground. See the Fairyground entry for more info about the NDS' version of the Crypt Casino.


The casino is located at the beginning of the Tombstone Trail.  If the player goes right at the very first fork in the trail, it is in the immediate viewpoint.


The casino's sticks to the spooky theme of the Tombstone Trail. The walls are dark colored, and ghosts are sticked on slot machines.

Games and Rules

There are four types of games on the casino in the PS3 version. They are:


The rules of Blackjack are like regular casinos. The player and dealer are each dealt 2 cards with the goal of getting closest to 21. Every card amounts to face value while Jacks, Queens and Kings are all valued 10.

Aces can be valued at either 1 or 11. Each person can request more cards, but if they go over 21, they automatically lose. You can wager either 10 chips, 50 chips, or 100 chips on each hand. If you win, you can wager your earnings with the chance of getting more chips.

Slot Machine

Slot Machine is a game of chance in the Tombstone Trail Casino. By adjusting the amount of money you put in to each pull of the lever, you can increase your amount of winnings (and losses).

Slot results will slowly fill a Mega Mode meter, which will increase your winnings for a short duration.

Slots in Ni-no Kuni have the ability to use items, which allow you to adjust the spins positively or negatively in your favor.


Platoon is a card game in the casino. The only amount of chips you can bet initially is 200. The dealer and player are each dealt 10 cards. From those 10 cards, the dealer and player make five stacks of cards that fight each other.

Whichever card stack has the greater total numerical value wins the hand and whoever wins 3 out of 5 wins overall. There are 3 trick cards that can change the outcome of each hand.

Kings: Kings have a normal value of 10, but they automatically win each hand they are in unless they go against a bishop.

Bishop: Bishops lose automatically in whatever hand they are in, unless they fight against a hand with a King in it in which case they win.

Joker: Jokers switch the cards in the player and dealer's hands, but they must be paired with another card in your hand. It would be best to pair it with a weak card in order to ensure you win.

There are also bets made between the players about which of the stacks you believe will win. If you win your bet, your stake is increased by half. If the dealer wins her bet, you lose half of your stake. Note that you can bet on either your hand or the dealer's and she can do the same.

Unlike most of the other games, this requires strategy along with luck and so it is the best chance to drastically increase your chip amount if you play consecutively.

Double Cross

Double Cross is exactly the same as the Trial of Friendship in the Temple of Trials. You control Oliver and Esther with the analog sticks (Left Analog Stick for Oliver and Right Analog Stick for Esther) in a separate path. The last tile in each path will collapse after a period of time. The goal is to move them to the finish without them falling off the path. 

Completing a more difficult course will earn you more guilders, but if you fail a course, you lose the game and your stake.

Note: In the NDS version of the game, the only game available is the Slot Machine.  However, there is a VIP room that likely contains other games.

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