Boss Information
Aliases The White Witch
Monster of Manna
World Ivory Tower
Boss Analysis
HP 9800
Weak None
Resist None
Attack 229
Defense 267
Magical Attack 256
Magical Defense 263
Evasion 204
Accuracy 239
After Battle Rewards
Experience -
Guilders -
Drops -
Steal Werewolf Claws

The White Witch is an enemy in Ni no Kuni: Wrath of the White Witch. She is encountered in the Ivory Tower and serves as the first and second of the three boss fights that make up the finale.


Genus: Nobilia
Resistance: None
Elemental Weakness: None
Tricks: Pillars of Darkness, Star Bolt, Fallen Star, Nightshade
Wrathful Rush, Harrowing Horns, Death Drop, Annihilation
Items Dropped: None
Location: Ivory Tower


First Stage

The fight against Cassiopeia isn't too easy, but since she has a low amount of HP, it's important not to fight too defensively either. Cassiopeia will attack either offensively or defensively depending on the color of her stripes. Red indicated an offensive stance, while blue marks a defensive stance.

You'll want to perform All-Out Attacks when there's little risk of getting hurt by Cassiopeia's most powerful attack, Fallen Star, against which you'll always want to defend (and have an All-Out Defense already going). If Cassiopeia has her blue stripes on, certainly use All-Out Attacks; conversely, if her red stripes show, play defensively and use All-Out Defense along with healing. As soon as Fallen Star is being prepared, Defend yourself against it to minimize the hurt.

Her other attacks are fairly strong, but not nearly as worrisome. Star Bolt is easily defended against, her physical attacks can be avoided by casting spells from a distance, and Pillars of Darkness is a powerful attack but you can see where it's going to hit. Do be sure to defend against it if possible.

Nightshade is actually a change in temper, and you'll want to go All-Out while she casts this, but afterward it's best to keep playing defensively until the end of the battle. As the end of the fight draws nearer, heal your party's HP and MP with healing items, because the second battle begins right after this one.

Second Stage

This fight is likely to last much longer than the previous, if only because of the White Witch's big leap in terms of HP. Lick your wounds from the previous fight, but only after defending against the possible first move the witch may prepare; Death Drop. This is a nasty and greatly damaging attack that hits everyone in the area nearby.

Winning this battle becomes easier when you know that the offensive/defensive stance carries over in this battle, so play offensively when her stripes are blue, and defensively when her stripes are red.

You'll also want watch out for Annihilation. The White Witch will first radiate red and charge up, then leap back and perform the beam, which moves around the area. It's possible to cancel or avoid it by standing beside her, but if that fails, definitely try to defend against it.

Winning the battle is easier if you take things easy. Don't go in for that quick win and keep your distance, spamming medium spells like Arrow of Light with Oliver. The Witch will likely chase you around the field, allowing the others to get in some damage while you spam magic and heal whenever necessary with spells or provisions.


Ni No Kuni Wrath of the White Witch - Boss Battle Strategy The White Witch (POSSIBLE SPOILERS)05:03

Ni No Kuni Wrath of the White Witch - Boss Battle Strategy The White Witch (POSSIBLE SPOILERS)

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