The Zodiarchy
Boss Information
Aliases The Council Corrupted
World Ivory Tower
Boss Analysis
HP 12500
Weak None
Resist None
Attack 254
Defense 271
Magical Attack 267
Magical Defense 265
Evasion 209
Accuracy 255
After Battle Rewards
Experience 8200
Guilders 6500
Drops -
Steal -

The Zodiarchy is an enemy in Ni no Kuni: Wrath of the White Witch. It is encountered in the Ivory Tower.


Genus: Nobilia
Resistance: None
Elemental Weakness: None
Tricks: Sigh of Sorrow, Piercing Gaze, Shockblast, Chaos
Items Dropped: None
Location: Ivory Tower


The Zodiarch and its Satellites are certainly vigorous foes, but with the right tactics even a fairly low-level party can take them out. You'll definitely want to use powerful MP (and HP) healing items during this battle, such as Nostrums and Sprite items.

At the start of the battle, immediately order an All-Out Defense and Defend with Oliver, as Zodiarch will use Chaos, a powerful attack that you don't want to suffer defenseless. Cassiopeia will be fighting alongside you and try to prevent the Zodiarch from casting it again by using Nix; however, this takes a while to charge, so you'll need to protect her from the nasty Satellites.

The best way to do this is to keep your distance with Oliver and perform a couple of castings of Astra (or Evenstar, if that's all you have). This saps your MP enormously, so use a Nostrum when your magic juices run low.

You'll still have to deal with the Zodiarch's other attacks, of which Shockblast is by far its most powerful and annoying, not in the least place because he usually performs it as a follow up on Chaos, which is particularly lethal. Prepare to defend against both attacks, and if things go terribly wrong, use a Phoenix Tear or Breath if absolutely required.

When Zodiarch is stunned by Nix, immediately perform an All-Out Attack in the hopes of getting some damage in, and possibly even a golden glim.

As with the last battle, play fairly defensively and destroy the Satellites as soon as possible, preferably with magic or tricks that hit all targets on the battlefield. Zodiarch will frequently use its Piercing Gaze attack (usually on the character you're controlling), which lowers your stats. It's more an annoyance than a real threat, but you can nonetheless boost the rest of your party's defenses with a spell such as Ward, slightly improving their magical defense.

Keep your party healthy with group-healing items, keep Oliver at a distance, and keep your wit to win this battle eventually.


Ni No Kuni Wrath of the White Witch **SPOILERS** - Boss Battle Strategy The Zodiarchy (Final Boss)03:35

Ni No Kuni Wrath of the White Witch **SPOILERS** - Boss Battle Strategy The Zodiarchy (Final Boss)

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