Character Information
World of Origin Ni No Kuni

The Tomte are a race of yeti-like people native to the world of Ni no Kuni. They are natives of The Winter Isles and co-exist alongside humans in the village of Yule, where they are led by the village elder.

Tomte are a friendly people who resemble large black-skinned humanoids whose bodies are entirely covered in white fur which conceals their true features with the exception of their eyes, hands and feet. They tend to refer to humans as "small people" while those from outside of Yule occasionally refer to them as snow people. They have a low-tolerance for warm areas and prefer to stay in the cold, however one tomte had the strength and courage to brave outside of Yule and make it all the way to the Temple of Trials in the hot desert of the The Summerlands.

The Tomte race are not known to exist in the realm of Ichi no Kuni, but it can be assumed that they have soulmates over there like the other races.