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    Hey there guys! As you may know Wikia is hosting a Fantasy Food Tournament. I thought this wiki would be a great entry. So here it goes can you guys help me decide what Ingredients to chose for the tournament. They're a total of 67 ingredients. I'll like to enter at the most ten. I'll set up a poll at the bottom. If I missed a food/ingredient please message me or post a comment below thank you.

    Let’s get ready to rumble!

    We want every community on Wikia to submit their best fictional foods to compete in our Fantasy Food Fight.

    What’s a fictional food?
    • The nominees should be a food or beverage that exists only in a fictional universe.
    • Examples: The Simpsons' Krusty Burgers, Harry Potter's butter beer, and Lord of the Rings’ lembas

    Note: Nominate …

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    Ni No Kuni Goes Mobile

    February 25, 2013 by QuestionRules

    So apparently there is two Ni No Kuni games for Japanese mobile platforms. But due to there lack of popularity here in the U.S, this wiki has ignored them entirely. So we created this blog post to get there name out. So what are we waiting for, time to bring the mobile greatness!

    Hotriot Stories released for ROID mobile platforms. It follows the story of Oliver and Mark. It acts as a prequel to Wrath of the White Witch, so yes Oliver's mom is alive in this game. It released on December 9, 2010.

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    The world of Ni No Kuni has been creating a lot of buzz upon its Western release but what about a sequel. Well its mainly all based on Western sells and popularity. So this blog is for coming up with ideas for a possible sequel. Yes you heard right for the first time on the Ni No Kuni Wiki you can tell us your FANFICTION! Are we just getting to ahead of are selves.. maybe but we want to hear your ideas, COMMENT NOW!

    To make this wiki 100% factual, don't spread your fanfiction on other articles only on this blog.

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