So, um, yeah...hi?

Allow me to apologize for not editing this wiki for a while. I have been occupied with other activities (mainly work), forgot the wiki (again, other games), and had no idea what to do for the wiki (everyone else seemed to have done better done on articles than I had).

Today, I'm here to post a picture in celebration of the upcoming new year of 2014. This time, I colored my picture. Unfortunately, I did not have all the colors I wanted to use for coloring the picture, so the colors may not be accurate. It may not be the best picture in the world, but it will do, right?


  • (In case you're wondering: 2014 is the year of the horse. Thus, I thought I should include the idea of a horse in there. That is why Mr. Drippy is wearing a horse-themed hat, and there is a Plessie above the 2014)
  • (Ok, the Plessie is not related to horses, but it reminded me of a sea horse. It may be in the Dracones genus, but I thought it would fit with the horse theme (Sea horse has the word horse in it. That's good enough for me)).

Anyway...I hope that everyone enjoyed the year of 2013, and I wish we will all have a Happy New Year for 2014!

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