Boss Information
Aliases Devourer of Souls
World The Summerlands
Boss Analysis
HP 6830
Weak Light
Resist Dark
After Battle Rewards
Experience 2840
Guilders 3140
Steal Barrier Badge

Vileheart is an enemy in Ni no Kuni: Wrath of the White Witch. It is a creature encountered in the Miasma Marshes.


Genus: Nobilia
Resistance: Dark
Elemental Weakness: Light
Tricks: Vile Roar, Viledriver
Items Dropped: None
Location: The Miasma Marshes


First Encounter

Right off the bat, switch to Swaine and be sure to steal that Barrier Badge! It gives an enormous boost to defense and magic defense when equipped!

As for the battle itself, Vileheart is going to be constantly using attacks that inflict Poison, so don't even bother with trying to remove the status; just keep your party healed the best you can using all-healing tricks and items like Pixie or Sprite Dew.

Start off with your strongest physically attacking familiars, using All-Out Attack during the majority of the battle to inflict as much damage as possible. The only two exceptions will be to heal with Oliver as necessary, and to defend against the Viledriver. When you see the Viledriver coming, QUICKLY switch to All-Out Defense and choose to Defend; you'll not only minimize damage, but you will be able to knock him off guard and possibly grab some gold glims after assaulting him, giving you a chance to really pile on the hurt.

The battle may seem to drag on for a while thanks to the poison, but as long as you try to keep everyone about 50% of their HP (and keep Esther's MP replenished for healing), you should be okay.

Second Encounter

The only noticeable difference in this battle, other than it being much easier with the Mornstar spell, having fewer HP to whittle away, and having to fight with cheesy inspirational music over the awesome normal boss theme, is that Swaine can steal a Jumbo Sundrop, so be sure to grab it.

Other than that, the fight is mostly the same. He'll attack the same way, so still defend against the Viledriver. But he does have a different trick instead of Vile Breath, and it's Vile Roar. It'll attack everyone while inflicting Curse, so defend against it like you would for the Viledriver to minimize damage.

For your attacks, just control Oliver and stay as far away from Vileheart as you can, continuously casting Mornstar until it wipes him completely out! It should only take a handful of turns!


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