Wizard King
Character Information
Aliases Gallus
Gender Male
Weapon Wand
World of Origin Ni No Kuni
English voice actor Christopher Godwin
Daughter Pea

The Wizard King is a character featured in Ni no Kuni. Although the story takes place long after he reigned, he is considered a legend and is referred to often by the other characters in the game. 


Spoiler warning!
This section contains plot details, which may spoil your gameplay.

According to Horace (who was the Wizard King's friend), the Wizard King appeared in the middle of a great battle without explanation. Unlike any other known wizard, he had the ability to wield two wands: Mornstar and Astra. It is revealed very late in the game that the 10th member of the Zodiarch Council, Gallus, is in fact the Wizard King in spirit form, as well as being the father of Cassopeia, whom he fondly called "Pea".

As a Zodiarch, he plotted behind the scenes to guide Oliver through his quest in order to save his daughter from her own despair, which she had endured for countless millennia and had slowly corrupted her into becoming the White Witch.

Using Breach Time, he successfully transported Oliver and his friends back 15 years ago. When Oliver, Esther, and Swaine reach the end of The Tombstone Trail, the Wizard King reveals himself (as Gallus) and explains that it was he who sent them back in time to retrieve the legendary wand.

Later, he confronts the party in the Ivory Tower in order to test their strength. Upon his defeat, he finally reveals himself as the spirit of the Wizard King and tells Oliver that Pea/The White Witch is his daughter.


The Wizard King is only shown in-game as his form taken on the Council as the Zodiarch Gallus.


  • The Wizard King is known by three titles. These titles are: The Wizard King (which is probably one of his more well-known titles), Gallus (the title for the 10th Zodiarch member, who used to be Horace), and Doodle-Doo (a name that Pea used to call him; in return, he calls Cassiopeia as Pea).

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