The Zodiarchy

The Zodiarchy (also known as Zodiarch) is the Final boss of Ni no Kuni. It's made of Cassiopeia's memory of the Council of Twelve, brought to life by her immense magic. 



After slipping the reins of the Queen's magic, the Council take the form of two human hearts and a mask, similar to Cassiopeia's. Strangely, it has 'arms' that look like 2 thick vines.


Same as Cassiopeia battles, but use Arrow of Light. List of Moves

  • Shock Blast (Causes damage to anyone caught within its range)
  • Sigh of Sorrow (Inflicts sleep to anyone caught within its range)
  • Chaos (Damages everybody with a heavy field attack)
  • Piercing Gaze (Lowers stats of the target)

The battle begins with the Cassiopeia (controlled by AI) joining the party's side. In this battle, players have to rely on Cassiopeia to help achieve the Chance! moment. If needed, they may also rely on her to resurrect teammates through Ashes of Resurrection. Cassiopeia has infinite health, so a player doesn't need to worry about keeping her healthy and can focus on defeating the Zodiarchy.

Otherwise, it's advised to either use a hit-hard-and-fast method or a barrel of field attacks. Players will have to also watch out for the Satellites--they can fire Ray Gun and interrupt attacks (they will eventually respawn when defeated--use the time in between to destroy the main boss). They will also stab players if they get too close. 

A nice suggestion is to have lots of MP recovery items. A battle like this will consume a lot of MP unless players have other creative strategies in mind.

Chance! moment is when Cassiopeia casts Nix on the Zodiarchy. When it can't cast spells, this is a good moment to stop and restore HP or MP or go ahead and use All-out Attack! This is also a good moment to bring out a close-up fighter that can deal heavy damage to the enemy (normally the Zodiarchy will react like a pufferfish when a familiar like that gets close).

Likewise, use All-Out Defense when the Zodiarchy casts Chaos.

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